FlexIEbel specializes in advising on commercial contracts in business to business (B2B), business to government (B2G) and business to consumer (B2C) relationships.

We engage in drafting, assessing and negotiating these contracts. These contracts inter alia consist of:

  • distribution, franchise, agency and other special agreements
  • Investment agreements, share purchase agreements (SPA) and shareholders' agreements
  • sourcing, purchase and sale of products and services
  • public-private partnerships (PPP) and accompanying governance
  • joint ventures, option agreements and cooperation agreements
  • general terms and conditions (for business customers or consumers) both in an offline and online environment
  • sui generis agreements


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Depending on the client’s wishes or position, FlexIEbel is capable of drafting and assessing both Dutch and English agreements. We always aim to limit the legal risks for your company while keeping the commercial interests in mind.

The characteristics of a good agreement are clear wording of the arrangements made and safeguarding your interests. However, it is also a key element to ensure consistency and cohesion between earlier arrangements among the parties, as well as between the parties and third parties. Furthermore, it requires skill to, on the one hand, leave out provisions that would apply anyway pursuant to the law or, on the other hand, to inform your company about these (mandatory) provisions. Finally, it is also important to bear in mind the competition law context of an agreement.

FlexIEbel can assist you with all these matters.