FlexIEbel is focused on the contractual part of international property law, so-called IP contracting. By making clear contractual agreements many problems related to intellectual property law can be prevented or nipped in the bud. We specialize in advising on, and drawing up, various agreements of which intellectual property rights or know-how are the principal elements. These are, inter alia, agreements in the field of:

  • licensing of trademarks, models, patents, copyrights and/or know-how
  • open-source licences, including creative commons and GPL
  • research and development (R&D) and innovation
  • original equipment manufacturing (OEM)

In addition, FlexIEbel assists companies and institutions with projects where joint intellectual property rights are created, with recording current (and future) agreements and governance surrounding these projects. This includes cooperation between academic and private parties or among academic or private parties.


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